• Lady Receiving Massage

6 Tips & Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Massage

So you’ve decided to get a massage. You arrive at the spa full of excitement and expectation. At this point many people feel some trepidation that they may not enjoy themselves, that they’ve wasted their money or that they don’t know what to expect from the experience. Fear no more! Camelot Spa Moloko will educate you and provide 6 [...]

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  • Meal-Prep Greek Chickpea Salad


Finding meals that are healthy, easy to prepare and not too heavy on the wallet at the same time can be tricky. Especially when packing lunch for work where meals also need to be easy to eat. That’s why I love this simple and easy to prepare salad recipe that has a great mixture of vegetables, protein and healthy [...]

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How to Walk Mindfully

If - like us - you tend to stride from A to B with your earphones on, listening to your favourite podcasts or playlists, completely oblivious to the world around you, you are not mindful walking. You are so much in your own head, something unusual might happen – an elephant could fly past on a broomstick – and [...]

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Is a Man’s Skin Really Different?

Our therapists at Camelot Spa Moloko always have some interesting information to share with you on how to better care for your skin. In line with our Product Spotlight of the month we have a look at an article that discusses the differences between men's skin and women's skin. The skin on a man versus that on a woman is significantly different. The [...]

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