Camelot Spa at The Ivy Villa is uniquely designed to create a naturally elegant healing sanctuary to soothe and calm the senses, while restoring body, mind and soul.

Never has the need for serenity, health and wellbeing been of more importance than in today’s stressful world, where busy businessmen and women rarely have time to unwind and “switch off”. And when business means travelling, stress levels rise and downtime seems an illusion. Camelot Spa at the Ivy has taken cognisance of this and has taken a firm stand against stress with its award-winning spa at the Strathavon boutique hotel in Johannesburg’s bustling business and leisure epicentre of Sandton.

Within weeks of opening its doors on June 2010, the Camelot Spa won the coveted Professional Beauty Unique Spa of the Year award for its dedication to rejuvenating body and soul through its range of organically inspired treatments and its new-age approach to wellness. The Ivy Villa Spa’s ethos is all about serenity and guest wellbeing, making sure that guests are as relaxed and in as much tune with nature as possible.

The spa’s resident therapists specialise in a range of different mediums, from traditional holistic health treatments to massages and state-of-the-art skin-care technology. Therapies are designed to soothe the senses and refresh body and mind, creating a sense of harmony and purity, as well as maximising energy levels for busy professionals constantly on the move.

World-class treatment rooms overlooking beautiful, tranquil zen gardens and the latest in spa and wellness equipment make the Camelot spa at Ivy Villa the perfect place to unwind after a hectic day. The spa, its team of therapists and its treatments adhere to the principles of ecological soundness and respect for the environment and are demonstrably committed to the wellbeing of the planet as well as people. For example, reduction of waste and recycling are actively encouraged, and water and electricity usage is carefully controlled. Where possible, materials used are natural and recyclable and are sourced from suppliers who share Camelot’s commitment.


The result is a spa where guests can be inspired by eco-consciousness and rejuvenated by the powerful restorative influences of Mother Nature, such as flowers, herbs, fruits and the ocean, all of which are incorporated into the treatments available at Camelot Spa at The Ivy.

Treatments reflect the journeys one must take to find balance, giving recognition to the five elements which traditionally affect our state of wellbeing – fire, earth, air, water and space. Each of these “journeys” to wellbeing uses combinations of these elements. For example, a sensual soaking in a herbal infusion of sandalwood and patchouli represents water, followed by a re-mineralising body wrap representing earth, culminating in a pressure point foot massage which is designed to restore and balance mind, body and soul. By harnessing this unique healing power of nature, serenity is but a treatment away at The Camelot Spa at the Ivy Villa.