Who doesn’t love a good massage? If you want to treat your special someone to a relaxing massage and need a few tips, you are in the right place.

Massage helps to promote relaxation, release stress, soothes tight muscles and improves circulation throughout the body. If you would like to become better at this healing art simply follow the steps below.   

Setting the scene

Create a space of peace and tranquility. Play soothing music and dim the lights (lighting a few candles can make all the difference). Ensure the temperature in the room is just right. The massage surface is also important, a bed or floor mat will work well. 

Body positioning 

Have your partner lie down on their stomach with their arms in a comfortable position, then place a pillow under their ankles and ensure their neck remains straight and supported with a rolled towel under the forehead and chin/chest.  Make sure they are comfortable and ask if the temperature in the room is right.  You will be using massage oil so having a towel on hand is a good idea.  Massage oil reduces the friction between your hands and your partners skin, which keeps you from pinching or uncomfortably stretching their skin. Massage oil is also beneficial for the hydration of your partners skin. A little oil goes a long way; start with a little and add more as necessary. Add a few drops of oil on your hands and rub them together to warm the oil up.

Getting started 

Go slowly,  you don’t want to rush. Try and keep your hands on your partner as much as possible. This constant contact will keep your partner at ease. Keeping your palm on their skin, start with smooth and rhythmic strokes from the neck to the lower back. At this stage of the massage, the pressure should be light to medium (keeping in mind the pressure preference of your partner).  4 or 5 slow repetitions of this movement is enough. 

Focus on the shoulders and neck

People carry their tension in these areas so this is most people’s favourite part of the massage. At this point of the massage, focus on the shoulders and around the shoulder blades. Work the muscles with your thumbs, gently easing out tension and knots. Remember to stay away from bones and joints. You can work the shoulders and neck for between 15 – 20 minutes. Its important to keep in mind your partners comfort with regards to pressure. If you are unsure, ask. Communication is key.

Get Creative

As you move to other areas of the body, get creative with circular motions and gentle kneading of the skin. Focus on the larger muscle groups until you are a bit more sure of yourself. 

Don’t forget about the hands and feet

Hands and feet are often forgotten or not focused on for long enough. Wiping down the hands and feet with a warm damp towel will definitely earn you extra brownie points. Focus your massage on the heels, soles and palms of the hands and feet, with gentle circular movements on the fingers.  Hands and feet are a great way to complete the massage. 

Final touches

Repeat the broad, rhythmic movements from the first step over the back and you can end off the massage with firm pressure on the shoulders before breaking contact with your partner. A cold glass of water after the massage is always appreciated.   

You are now well on your way to awe your partner with your “magic” touch.

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