#2  – Scuba Specific Spas

By trendhunter.com


Looking for a luxurious place to go on vacation where you can also scuba dive, this Belize-based diving resort is the one for you. The St. George’s Caye Resort in Belize provides accommodations on an island that is safe, secluded and stunningly beautiful. Perfect for holiday makers, honeymooners, burnt out professionals and even those looking to complete their scuba diving certification, this diving resort has everything you could need — including a warm climate and 5-star customer service from staff.

The “secluded and pristine” diving experience at St. George’s is appropriate for both experienced and new divers. Activities are available for those 13 and up. A number of custom packages are available too, depending on if you are new, have some diving training or are a certified scuba diver.