#4 – Urbanized Spa Cabins


By trendhunter.com

Kyle Bigart, Andrew Sommerville and Alex Paulette created the design concept for this luxurious and heated outdoor spa cabin. Titled ‘Urban Therme,’ the concept is essentially a large spa cabin that features hot tubs and an L-shaped window to provider guests with a view of Chicago’s skyline.

The cabin will sit on the lakefront, which allows guests to utilize the otherwise vacant space during the long winter months. The spa itself draws inspiration from Roman architecture. While the main purpose is to allow guests to relax in a heated spa with views of the beautiful snow-covered city, it will also be a useful patio for the summer season as well.

The dual-functioning cabin will allow the city of Chicago to use the facility as a year-round retreat for tourists and local citizens alike. Although the spa is merely a concept, the creators are hopeful to go forward with the construction process.