#11 –Luxury Japanese Spas

By trendhunter.com


Thermae-yu is a modern example of Japanese spas and embodies a luxurious and comfortable air. The Thermae-yu will be the biggest of its kind in the country and is set to offer a wide variety of luxury treatments. In addition, the facility will house baths, saunas and lounge areas along with a bar, a cafe and a restaurant.

Unlike most Japanese spas, the six storey structure will be open 22 hours a day closing at 9:00 am. The spa will likely attract night owls in the area, creating a resting place for those who stay out late before heading home. Other unique features offered by Thermae-yu are rotenburos, traditional Japanese outdoor hot springs, stone saunas, scrub treatments and a fully functioning beauty salon.

The Thermae-yu will be sure to attract both residents and tourists, providing a relaxing oasis in the middle of Tokyo’s bustling streets.